Our Cheese

Our cheese is made from Organic Jersey cow milk. That, together with a little skill and magic, gives it it’s unique flavour and creaminess.

When first made, the cheese is mild and creamy, slowly acquiring a stronger and more complex flavor as it ages.

As one of our customers commented about the cheese: “it’s an experience”.

We source the milk from Ahern’s Organic Farm near Dungourney, Midleton.


A semi hard, Gouda style cheese made with Jersey cow milk and aged for 4 months. It is creamy with a lingering depth of flavour.This is an every day cheese, delicious in a sandwich, great melted and loved by kids. It can hold it’s own on an cheese board and, as with all of our Gouda’s, perfect with a glass of red.


A Gouda style cheese made with Jersey cow milk and aged for 12 to 18 + months. A beautiful stronger complex flavoured hard cheese with sweet nutty and caramel notes that manages to hold onto its’ creamy past.


A Gouda style cheese made with Jersey cow milk and naturally smoked on apple wood. This 3 to 4 month old cheese had a lovely balance of creaminess and sweet smoky flavour.


A Gouda style cheese made with Nettle, with a little parsley and chives. This is a delicate herby cheese with our signature background creaminess. It is very nice melted on a toastie or in a quiche. Another favourite of our young customers.


A Gouda style cheese made with Red Pepper, Onion and Garlic. Creamy and full flavoured every day cheese.


A Gouda style cheese made with Cumin seeds – a much loved traditional gouda flavouring. What can we say, it is cumin-y and, of course creamy and flavourful, with everyday to cheese board possibilities.

Ballinrostig Homestead


A slightly salty creamy, feta-style cheese made with Jersey cow milk. Great in salads and very versatile as a melting cheese, use on pizza, in pasta bakes etc.


Traditionally made around the Mediterranean. A slightly salty cheese made for grilling on the barbeque or griddle where it holds its’ shape. Our version has a lovely flavour. We also make this cheese from Jersey cow milk.
Ballinrostig Homestead
Ballinrostig Homestead


Same as above but traditionally smoked on apple wood.